Friday, March 30, 2012

The twins are coming, The twins are coming....!!

Today I can say that they will be here in 4-12 days, haha. I have a c-section scheduled for Wednesday, April 11 in the morning.   However, since I have preeclampsia, I may have them as early as this coming week, on April 4th. 

I am more than ready to be done with this pregnancy.  I am excited to breathe again, eat again, and walk normally without feeling like my hips are going to break and fall apart.

I've been in the hospital, on bedrest, and now I continue to  "gestate" as I wait for these babies to get here.  The girls are getting excited and I hope it's a smooth transition.

We are hoping for about 5-6pd babies each..!  Still no boy names yet.  Poor little guy, we hope something comes to us that we love that we just haven't thought of.  There are a few names we have in the running, but we'll see.

Updates to come....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ultrasound Pictures

Here's some of the latest sneak peeks of our little miracle babies.  Twin "BB" is the boy and Twin "AA" is the girl.  They are both about 2 pounds each now and thriving. 

Being 26 weeks preggers with twins feels like being 36 weeks preggers with one baby. We've tweaked my insulin meds to help with my diabetes and I get to start wearing the full (over the belly) compression support tights to help avoid more swelling and potential blood clots from my vericose veins.  I would be lying if I said that I am loving this pregnancy.  It takes moments like these,  when I get to see these pictures, that make me feel like it really is worth it.

Here's 10 weeks and counting down.  April can't come soon enough.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Morning

 Christmas morning we took the obligatory Bair Family "staircase" picture.  The girls could hardly sit still long enough for me to take a picture.

 Santa comes to our house with wrapping paper and he has a helper, Clumsy the elf.  The girls enjoy reading notes from Clumsy each year and tearing through the paper to see what Santa left them.

 My parents came out Christmas morning and enjoyed the fun and then went to church with us.
 My mom made me get in this picture.  I hate pregnant pictures, but I guess with it being the holidays, I will make an exception.
 After church, we had a nice lunch and Jason's parents came out for that.  I don't know why I only have a picture of just Linda with the girls, but Don was there--must have slipped my mind.  She gave them both an MP3 player, which is something they REALLY wanted.  They were so excited!!!
Here they are in the Christmas dresses.  It was a great day, but exhuasting for me and I literally slept almost the entire day the day after Christmas.  Partially I was in a sugar coma thanks to that 1 Krispy Kreme donut I ate.  Gotta love Gestational Diabetes. 

Looking forward to a great new year with lots of challenges and excitement!!  Happy New Year to you too!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.  Here's a picture of the girls taken last week with Santa at our ward Christmas party.

At the beginning of this month, I was miraculously able to be well enough to teach the Presidency Message this year for the first Sunday in Relief Society.  I focused on Christ's life and the miracles he performed and the gifts he gave us.  I had some great stories read by some sisters and a beautiful musical number that was sung, and this was my little handout.  I think it sums up my lesson to a "T."  I'm sure I'll be released from this calling soon, and I have to say that I'm sad about it, but excited for someone else to have the opporunity to serve.

I put the poem below in case you can't read this incredibly small print. I had these printed at Costco on photo paper 4x6's but should have done a 5x7, but you get the idea.  It was truly a creative moment.

We took the girls to Big Al's (big bowling/family fun center here) right before school got out for Winter break.  Jason had been on call all week and we hadn't seen him in 4 days, so it was a welcome surprise.  Here are two pictures, one at the bowling alley and one at their pretty tree display-complete with Arcade in the background.

The other big news this month is that we had our ultrasound to find out the gender of the twins and overall health on December 7th.
One boy and one girl.
At first we thought we'd have 2 boys (just a hunch) and so when we heard the first baby was a girl, we were shocked and excited!  So, now I have to keep all the barbies and babies and get to ADD trains and trucks.  My house is going to be a crazy place for the next few years.  Now, if we could just agree on names.....

I had an extrememly long ultrasound which actually was really uncomfortable...and they still weren't able to see all the things they like, so I'm going back for more in a week or two.  At this point, it looks like both babies are healthy and measuring about the same.   They think both of the kidneys are good, which is great news!! 

I'm now on a good mix of drugs for the acid reflux and continual "all day sickness" but I'm getting better.  I'm also monitoring my blood glucose levels, which for now, look fine.  My doctor wants me to gain more weight (hello, has he seen the increase in my hip circumference lately??).  I've upgraded from 1 to 2 pillows at night and find myself dreaming about being comfortable and sleeping on my back.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Put Christ back into Christmas

Twas many, many a year ago when Christ first came to earth
And each year December rolls around when we celebrate His birth.

He came to earth, then died for us, to save us from our sins;

So let us, as we celebrate, allow His Spirit in.

For as we become so busy with our special preparations,

We tend to lose the sight of the real reason for celebrations.

Let's hold on to the miracle of our loving Savior's birth

And bring back to our memory the reason He came to earth.
So instead of being commercialized, with gifts to outdo all,

Let's give the gift of "ourselves", whether it be big or small.

Let us not so dwell upon the gifts that money can buy

But let us give a "heart gift", and His Spirit will stand us by.

As we go about our preparations in the next few weeks ahead

Let us hold deep within our hearts the greatest miracle instead

Of whose gift is the greatest, the best that money can buy;

Let us count our blessings and then let each one try
To bless those lives around us, and bring the Spirit in

Put "Christ" back into Christmas:

Let The Miracle Begin.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Fall

Fall for us this year meant lots of Soccer!  Soccer for Ashley started the last week of August and she had practices 2x a week and a game (sometimes 2) every Saturday until the end of October.  Her team name is the "Firecrackers."  She enjoyed her season very much and I'm sure will want to play again next year.

 Alyson dressed up as a "community worker" for their Career Fair at school, which was the culmination of a unit they had about communities.  She decided to be a tennis coach (For BYU) and here she is.  I couldn't see her eyes with that big hat, but she loved it.  It did take me swallowing my pride to let her wear all this cougar blue, of course, Jason was in heaven.

 Here's Jason lighting our pumpkins. We actually carved them this year. 

Here we are on Halloween night. Both of the girls wanted to be witches this year. Ashley is a "Cat" witch (the package says so) and Alyson is a "black night" witch. Glad we got that figured out. They had a great time and the weather was amazing for us.
 Jason's parents came out to join in the fun and went around with the girls while I stayed home and handed out LOADS of candy.  This pictures is a bit blurry, but it is the only time I could take it in between trick or treaters.  I basically just sat by the door for over an hour. It was great fun to see all the kids dressed up.
 So, our neighborhood really goes out. Linda took some great pictures of some amazing decorated homes.  There were a few the girls wouldn't go to last year, but here's a more "mild" one.
 The girls ran from door to door, partially caught up in the excitement by their good friends up the street, Ella and Nate.  Nate is in Alyson's 2nd grade class as school and Ella is 1 year younger than Ashley.  They all play so well together.

 The aftermath.  Look at that loot!  They are exhausted but had a great time. Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double Blessings

"Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come." Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

How true this is.  Just take a look at this photo!

Jason and I are expecting twins in April 2012!  Like the quote, "some blessings come late, but they DO COME!"

The girls are so excited and can't wait to find out if they are boys or girls or a boy/girl mix. They are talking about which one of their babies will be cuter...Alyson's or Ashley's. We laugh a lot about that. I'm still very overwhelmed and feeling the yuckiness of pregnancy, even though I'm all but done with my first trimester.

It's been a long time coming and we tried for so many years to add to our family,  explored adoption and so many procedures, only to find out that the Lord had a different path in store for us.  I all but gave up along the way.  With the support of good friends and family, I survived the frustration of infertility.  Before we moved last year, I got rid of all my baby stuff and tried to rid myself of the feeling that kept pestering me for the last 4 years that we weren't done with our family.  Now, I can very safely say that these two babies will definately complete our little family.  They are arriving later than we had planned, but you know, sometimes you just have to be happy with what you have and be grateful for every little thing along the way.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching Up...

Here are some highlights since my last post....

May 2011:Ashley turned 5. We had a fun family party complete with a birthday dinner at Chevy's. Ashley likes the "orange" rice. She's definately got Daddy's taste buds.

Ashley Graduated from Preschool--Kindergarten Here we come!

June 2011

Alyson finished her 1st grade year with lots of friends and fun. She missed the last three days of school (they were added due to snow days earlier in the year) to go to the beach, Depoe Bay, for a week. Jason's brother's family came for a few days and the girls loved playing with their cousins. We never seem to have enough time to play games all night, but we had a great time with them and with Jason's parents who stayed with us. We love this place!
Alyson, Madison, Ashley, and Kylee

Dad enjoying the pool. My parents came down for the last two days and we had the best weather I 've ever experienced on the Oregon Coast. It was like we were in California. So warm and so nice. We tried to fly a kite, but it was not windy enough. Saw whales, relaxed, and just had an awesome vacation. Can't wait to go back in a few years. We try to go every 2-3 years.Alyson got really good at jumping waves
And jumping into the pool...
And digging holes...
Ashley loved flying kites on one of the many local beaches we went to...Here's outside our condo. The seagulls were NOT shy.

The view from Cape Foulweather.
Fogarty CreekRight after our trip, Alyson had her 7th bday party! Her birthday is July 2, but her party was on June 28th. Every 3 years we have a big friends party, and this year, she decided she wanted a cooking party!

Watermelon Stars
Rainbow colored Frosting for Cake Decorating (each in an individual ziploc-the best idea I found ever!!)
We made Veggie People. We had one girl make one that she called, "Lady Gaga!" Here are a few samples...
Here's the fixings for the Veggie People...Here's the topping for their cakes
Each girl took home one of these 8 inch round FUNFETTI cakes decorated whoever they wanted. We put them in a bit cellophane bag with a spatula and crazy straw and pretty ribbon once they were decorated and the girls took these home (as well as the aprons and hats) for their party favors.

Grammy came out and took pictures since our camera broke right before her bday--I actually dropped it at the beach when I was taking a picture of that seagull because it scared me and the lens wouldn't come back out...Thank you to Grammy for capturing this special day for Alyson.July 2011 brought the most amazing fireworks! Oregon fireworks have a alot of legal restrictions, but Washington doesn't (which I think it odd considering they are both so similar).
Anyway, the neighbors put on a huge potluck, for which Jason grilled you name it on the grill for everyone.
Then the fireworks show started. Our street had some pretty amazing ones, but because we live in a hilly area--and at the bottom of the hill--we we able to see an entire show of fireworks from all angles. It was amzing. I felt like I couldn't keep up with all the beautiful displays! It did sound like we lived in downtown Baghdad though and the fireworks didn't stop for a LONG time, but it was a great time.
Later in July we went to Sunriver with my family, it was our 10th year I think--or maybe 11th? Everyone was there except Elder Kyle and Elder Travis who are on missions and Aaron who was at BYU. We missed them.
Here we are at Cultus Lake, a favorite day trip. We love to play volleyball, use the paddleboat, play on the beach, eat a picnic lunch, or ride the wave runners.
Jason and the girls

Matthew, Sarah, and Trevor.
The girls enjoying an ice cream by the South Pool in Sunriver
Of course, no Weight Family reunion would be right without a healthy competition of some sort. After years of the Amazing Race, we have now graduated to "Minute to Win it" competitions. Here's the girls doing "Junk in the Trunk" where they have to shake all the tissues out of the tissue box that is strapped to their hips. It was hilarious. Chap Stack
August 2011 brought a visit from Denise and Matthew and a quick trip to Round Lake, which is about 1 mile from our house.
Here's "Pothole Falls" (above) and what the hike/area looks like (below). Both of these pictures were taking in late Spring. We like to go here often because it's an easy hike for the kids and lots to look at and see.
Mom and Dad with Denise and Matthew at the Dam at Round LakeDenise and Matthew
August finally brought some heat to our area and a trip to Cottonwood beach, just a few miles away on the Columbia. We also enjoyed lots of afternoons with the neighborhood kids with the slip and slide, riding bikes, eating popsicles, and having fun.
Cottonwood Beach
Slip and Slide
At the very end of summer we took a very short boat trip to Lacamas Lake (about 1 mile from here--right next to Round Lake) and Grammy and Poppy came up with the boat. We only had about an hour to spend, but it was nice and we enjoyed cruising and the girls jumping in the water to cool off.

After this it was time for Back to School. Whew! That was our summer. I'll catch up on September and October in the next post.