Friday, March 30, 2012

The twins are coming, The twins are coming....!!

Today I can say that they will be here in 4-12 days, haha. I have a c-section scheduled for Wednesday, April 11 in the morning.   However, since I have preeclampsia, I may have them as early as this coming week, on April 4th. 

I am more than ready to be done with this pregnancy.  I am excited to breathe again, eat again, and walk normally without feeling like my hips are going to break and fall apart.

I've been in the hospital, on bedrest, and now I continue to  "gestate" as I wait for these babies to get here.  The girls are getting excited and I hope it's a smooth transition.

We are hoping for about 5-6pd babies each..!  Still no boy names yet.  Poor little guy, we hope something comes to us that we love that we just haven't thought of.  There are a few names we have in the running, but we'll see.

Updates to come....


  1. That is so exciting, Nancy! I can't wait to see pics. My prayers are with you that everyone is healthy and happy!

  2. YAYYYY!! So excited for you! Please call/text or something when you have the babies...can't wait to hear the scoop. Love to come and help and at see you in the hospital and everything. Seriously can't wait!!